[Lithuania] Trakai, Lithuania

Trakai, Lithuania
Visit Lithuania

A tourist spot about 28km from Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, easily accessible and is good for one day trip. Staying here is also possible as there is accommodation available too. Fall in love with the lake rather than the castle. Gag.

The castle has turned into a museum for visit, closed on Monday, and I happened to visit on Monday so I didn’t get into the castle, it was locked. I did a google search and one of the blogpost alleged that she is disappointed with Trakai as she thinks that this place is overrated and claimed that she has been deceived by the Google Image (Lol to this). Honestly speaking, I would say that Trakai is definitely worth a trip if you are in Vilnius as there are direct buses to Trakai, frequency is around 30 minutes to an hour. There is also train, but not as frequent as the buses. Basically you do not need to buy your ticket in advance, just go straight to the counter on the day itself will do.

I met a couple here, they are Lithuanian lady and Italian guy. They urged me to visit Italy saying that I shouldn’t leave Europe without visiting Italy. And with their statement, I went to Venice and Milan eventually. “cross-cultural relationships may work” I wrote on the postcard I sent to myself from Trakai.

ps 1: This is a touristic place, expect crowd.

ps 2: Most of the cross-cultural relationships has an Italian man haha

Where is Baltic?

Baltic states refer to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, they are all members of NATO and EU from 2004 (Thanks to Wikipedia, muacks). Geographically they belong to Eastern Europe. Former countries under Soviet Union, somehow I feel like there are still visible and invisible marks in three of them that set them apart from other European countries. Three of them have their own languages but they are all using Euros now.


I don’t think there is any direct flight from Malaysia / Singapore to the Baltic states. You will have to transit from other bigger hub in Europe. I took a ferry from Helsinki to the capital of Estonia Tallinn, which costs me 20+ euros.But it is all worth it as the costs in Eastern Europe is so so much cheaper than in Scandinavia, I ate in a restaurant in Estonia with 5 Euros, and icecream are easily less than one Euro. I missed Hill of Crosses at Siauliau, maybe I should keep it for next time.


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