Apps that you should download to your mobile before setting off for your next trip

The must-have apps for  tourist  traveller.

With a smartphone (Huawei is good enough) with a full battery, credit card, passport, and viola~! But wait, please make sure you have also downloaded the following applications on your mobile phone:


– (available also on iOS and Android)

An offline map that comes in handy, do download the map of the cities that you are visiting beforehand!


These are places in Beijing. I like to pin my target location and when I open up my map, it shows all the places that I have been, a nice collection of memory.

– Flexiroam (available also on iOS and Android)

Referral Code: 5J4PTHHH (Go to: Account -> Apply Promo Code)


A sim sticker allowing you to use data without switching your sim card.

What is sim sticker? Hmm. It is actually a sticker to stick with your sim, and you get to use data (by switching sim) abroad, I think they collaborate with Vodafone those, supporting more than 100 countries. From my personal experience, the coverage is good. 9.90 USD for a one-year membership, but you need to get a lot of referral (that’s why I am sharing my referral code here) or buy the data.

Note: No coverage in Slovenia and Vietnam. Other than that, it is all fine.

– (available also on iOS and Android)


An app to let me know how much an apple in Sweden costs in Malaysian Ringgits or Singapore Dollars (you customised it). It is ok if the country uses €, but when you have to use Hungarian Forint, Polish Zloty, Croatian Kuna, CZK, ok, stop it, let’s use XE to help me with the conversion


– Skyscanner (available also on iOS and Android)


Hotelscombined (available also on iOS and Android)



– Hostelworld (available also on iOS and Android)


– (available also on iOS and Android)


Traveloka (available also on iOS and Android)





– Google Translate (available also on iOS and Android)



Shopback for every travel purchase booking! What is shopback? You get cashback for every of your purchase! From plane ticket to hotel booking! The percentage might be low, but you can snowball and cash out later on when the amount is larger.


Shopback SG version:

Shopback MY version:


Specially for travelling in CHINA:

–  Betternet (available also on iOS and Android)

You will need Betternet to browse your Facebook, Google, Google Store, Gmail etc. China banned everything lol.



Specially for travelling in EUROPE:

– Blablacar (available also on iOS and Android)


You must have heard of hitchhiking? This one is kind of like car pooling (uber shareride? Sometimes it’s cheaper than the bus, but like all startups, this app also can be a bit crazy at times, especially its search function, gotta be patient. Hope it can expand to Singapore – Malaysia though so that I can have more share ride to go home!

–  GoEuro (available also on iOS and Android)

An app to find the cheapest way to get around in Europe, most of the place though. I do use it together with Busradar because the coverage of GoEuro might not be very good – Busradar Find the cheapest bus ride!


– Busradar (available also on iOS and Android) Find the cheapest bus ride!


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