Itinerary of three weeks from Beijing to Mongolia (and back)


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Yes, I went to Mongolia after Beijing. And it turns out to be one of the memorable trips. A lot more stories to be told but the following are my itinerary and cost breakdown. I took the cheapest route from Beijing to UB, which is a bus ride from Beijing to Zaminn Ud and an overnight train to UB. It was not as hassle as I thought 😀

I did the three weeks trip in 800 Singapore Dollars.

Air Ticket:

Return Air Ticket to Beijing (KUL – PEK ; PEK – KUL) by AirAsia RM375.88

Day 1 at Kuala Lumpur:

I set off on a Thursday night (midnight flight) and arrived on Friday the next morning.

Day 2 at Beijing:

Hostel: Leo Hostel Beijing (near to Qianmen, it is one of the busiest hostels in Beijing and easily fully booked)

Activities: ZhongShan Park – Palace Museum – Jingshan Park


Day 3 at Beijing:

Hostel: Leo Hostel Beijing

Activities: Yiheyuan (Summer Palace) – Yuanmingyuan (Old Summer Palace)


Day 4 at Beijing:

Hostel: Leo Hostel Beijing

Activities: Mutianyu Great Wall

 Day 5 at Beijing:

Bus ride from Beijing Muxiyuan Bus Terminal→Zaminn Ud (Departing on Day 5 evening and arriving on Day 6, in the evening)

Day 6 at Erlian/Zaminn Ud:

Overnight train ride (sleeping berth) from Zaminn Ud→Ulaan Baatar

Day 7 at Ulaanbaatar:

Hostel at UB: Golden Gobi Ulaanbaatar (USD 8, near to Nomin Supermarket)

Activities: Tour around Ulaanbaatar

Day 8 at Moron:

Hostel at Moron: Saraa’s Guesthouse Moron (15,000 Tugrik)

Took the route which is famous as “shittiest cum bumpiest bus ride” from Ulaanbaatar→Moron, it was a thirteen hours bus ride, mind you.

Day 9 at Khovsgol:

Hostel at Khovsgol: MS Guesthouse (Mongolian ger)

Took a taxi from Moron→Khovsgol

Day 10 at Khovsgol:

Hostel: MS Guesthouse (Mongolian ger)

Day 11 at Moron:

Back to Moron and took an overnight Bus ride from Moron→UB

Day 12 at UB:

Hostel: Golden Gobi

Laundry and rest day. Visited Zaisan Memorial

Day 13 at Dalanzadgad:


The bus ride from UB→ Dalanzadgad, the bus ride was a much more pleasant experience than the bus ride to Khovsgol.

Day 14 at Gobi:

Hostel: camp site!

We managed to take a private tour for 400,000 Tugrik (approx. 165 USD), excluding food and accommodation. On the first day, we went to Yolyn Am (Ice Valley) and sleep in a tent near Flaming Cliff/Bayanzag

Day 15 at Gobi:

Hostel: (unknown, it was a tourist resort, in Mongolian ger style. We were sent there by our driver)

Flaming Cliff/Bayanzag – Khongoryn Els Sand Dunes

Day 16 at Gobi:

Bus ride from Dalanzadgad→UB, arriving UB at 2/3am is no joke, please, I repeat, don’t do this. Never walk on UB street in the wee hour.

Day 17 at UB:

Overnight Train from UB→Zaminn Ud

Day 18 at Zaminn Ud/Erlian:

Bus ride from Zaminn Ud→Beijing

Day 19 at Beijing:

Reaching Beijing at 1 am, shared a cab with fellow backpackers to LEO Hostel, but it has no availability that night, so we went to the sister hostel of LEO Hostel instead, it is located at a few street back and the name is LEO Backyard Hostel.



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