[China] Hostel@Gui Lin, Guangxi – Cyan Box Hostel

– The hostel I first stayed in Guangzhou is not really clean and I was quite disappointed (fyi the name is LazyGaga, hostels in Guangzhou are expensive as it is an urban city)
– To my surprise, hostels in Guangxi province are much better – cheaper, clean and comfortable. All of the 3 hostels I stayed are worth recommending.
– Downside for this one is the number of shower rooms is limited.
– I heard they have another branch nearer to the city centre, but I stayed here because it is cheaper.
– Please do not walk to your destination. China is big. Public bus costs only one (1) Yuan
– I heard eLong net is the cheapest room/bed booking platform in China, do compare it with Booking and Hostelworld before making your booking.

Address in English: No.3 Jian Gan Road, Guilin.
Address in Chinese: 桂林市七星区建干路3号


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visited on September, 2016.