[Laos] Sawadee Luang Prabang: How did I spend One Million (1,000,000) in a week in Laos !

Sawadee Luang Prabang ~

Mini infos:
(A) Of Visa and Currency related:
– visa free for Malaysian passport holder
– USD maybe acceptable at your hostel/hotel but Laotian Kips is still widely use, so you still have to get your Kips ready (2,000 Kips = approximately 0.25 USD)
– you maybe surprise that it’s not cheap to travel in Laos compare with Thailand, Vietnam 😂
– D & T Supermarket is the only supermarket in Luang Prabang, I genuinely believe that they have the most competitive pricing compare with other minimarts. It is located the same row as Lao Lao Bar if I am not mistaken
– big water for 5,000 Kips and small water for 2,000 Kips
(B) Of Attractions and Accommodations
– Generally, attractions that I did in Luang Prabang are Kuang Si, Mt Phousi and for Vang Vieng, I did Blue Lagoon + Phou Kam Cave, View Point (Phagern), Jang Cave, Yui Waterfall.
– there is a bar that you can go hea….for one whole day named Utopia (in LPQ).
– Stay 3 nights each at Luang Prabang (Downtown backpackers) and Vang Vieng (Rock hostel). This two hostels provide delicious breakfast for free!
(C) More on Laos:
– I do not recommend you to rent a motorbike as it is costly and the route to Kuang Si is not really safe for motorbike
– Business must close by 11:30p.m. No late night party! It is Laos’ law. So the street are extremely quite after 11:30p.m.
– Laos’ people sleep early and wake up early 8) ….So be quiet and go to sleep and wake up before 6am to give alms to the monks
– Don’t treat the monks like monkeys in a zoo. Be respectful if you take photos.
Here is my itineraries:
Arrived in Luang Prabang early morning, withdraw 1,000,000 Kips from the ATM machine@airport
Check in – walk around in Luang Prabang town, settled lunch and go back to hostel to showet and have a nap – Wakeup and climb up to Mount Phousi for sunset (admission is free only after 630pm, there are two entrances. The one at Wat Pha Khe has a longer route to the peak as compare with the entrance opposite the museum) – Night market and bought dinner
Airport Transfer 25,000
Lunch (Noodles soup) 15,000
D & T
Dinner (grilled corn & sandwich) 15,000
Downtown backpackers hostel
Breakfast at hostel – leave to Kuang Si waterfall at 11am + hiking trails nearby – return to Luang Prabang and did Mt Phousi again – Night market again and found the infamous Vegetarian buffet (10,000 for a plate! The cook at the stall will help you to reheat the food) – Lao Lao Bar for drink
Kuang Si 50,000
Lunch : snacks from D & T the day before
Dinner (Vegetarian Buffet) 10,000
Coke at Lao Lao Bar 10,000
Downtown backpackers 114,000 for 2 nights (booked from Booking.com)
Wake up early to watch alm giving to the monks along the main street – breakfast at hostel – leave for Vang Vieng – arrived at 3pm – walk around in Vang Vieng town – stargazing at Silver Naga Hotel
Rock Backpackers 42,000
Minivan to Vang Vieng 110,000
Lunch 15,000
Tuktuk to hostel from the bus station 10,000
Dinner (Korean cup noodles from K mart) 9,000
Bridge toll 4,000
Tomyam cup noodles 5,000
Rock Backpackers
Breakfast at hostel – walk to Blue Lagoon and Phou Kam Cave – Vang Vieng viewpoint (Mt Phagern, not very high but good view of paddy fields from top) – Noodles again from K mart – Smile beach bar
Rock Backpackers 50,000
Lunch at Blue Lagoon 15,000
7-up and coke 10,000
Spicy noodles and water from K mart 12,000
Rock Backpackers
Breakfast at hostel – Jang Cave (by foot, less than 3km) – lunch in Vang Vieng – Yui waterfall (by foot, 6km from Vang Vieng) – stargazing at Silver Naga Hotel
Jang Cave 17,000
Yui Waterfall 10,000
Lunch 25,000
Soya 4,000
Rock Backpackers
Breakfast – Back to Luang Prabang – lunch – sunset watching and stargazing at Utopía
Minivan to Luang Prabang 100,000
Lime drink at Utopía 10,000
Stamp for postcard 8,000
D & T
Downtown backpackers
Hostel 47,500
Tuktuk to airport 20,000